Email Queues

UNIVERGE BLUE ENGAGE Email Queues help you give customer emails the attention they deserve by managing incoming emails the same way you would with customer calls. With Email Queues, supervisors have greater visibility into how well frontline users are responding to messages and frontline users have access to tools that make it easier to efficiently handle emails.

Frontline users can manage emails in the same app they use to manage calls, chats, and SMS.

Give Emails the Attention They Deserve with Queues and Routing

  • Manage emails like you do voice calls with virtual queues.
  • Prioritize emails based on the queue and route emails by keywords in the message to quickly get them to the right frontline user.
  • Route customer responses back to the previous agent who handled the original email to maintain consistency
  • When an agent is ready to assist, notifications effortlessly appear on their screen as soon as a customer sends an email

Save Frontline User’s Time with Better Tools to Manage Emails

  • Use auto responses to make your customers feel valued.
  • Pull an email out of the queue if you can’t answer it immediately and return to it later.
  • Transfer emails to another frontline user to answer.
  • Document the outcome of the email interaction with email classification.

Email Queues assign emails to frontline users who can answer immediately or suspend them to answer later.

Frontline users treat emails like they would in any other email client - receive and send attachments, forward emails, add other recipients, etc.

Monitor and Manage Email Queues with these Features

  • See how well your employees are managing emails with dashboards and reports by frontline user and queue.
  • Set acceptable waiting times for email responses and drop them from the queue after a designated time.



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