AI Sentiment Analysis

Uncovering meaningful insights from customer conversations could be a daunting and time-consuming task. While the information may be at your grasp, your supervisors simply don’t have time to review each and every conversation. But with the ability to transcribe full conversations and voicemails, ENGAGE AI Sentiment Analysis, powered by UNIVERGE BLUE PULSE™, helps your supervisors become more efficient by using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically identify and notify them about important conversations to ensure high service quality and to grow your business.

Enable & Collect Transcription Analysis Search
Admin assigns and enables a call queue(s) for transcription and analysis Speech-to-text capabilities transcribes full conversations including voicemail Artificial intelligence, powered by UNIVERGE BLUE PULSE, evaluates every transcription, determines whether the sentiment of the conversation was positive, negative, or neutral, and tags it Search and review conversations with extensive filters by sentiment, key words/phrases, agent, and more

Each customer interaction contains topics, intent, emotions, and more, and these can all be analyzed to provide insights that may improve any variety of organizational improvements such as:

  • Support - Customer support managers can input key phrases such as “cancel”. If it finds that key phrase, supervisors can establish rules that will assign the recorded conversation to a manager to see how front-line users handle the situation and can use that evaluator tool to give feedback.
  • Product – Product teams can input keywords or phrases, such as “broken” and “missing”. If the system finds those specific keywords, supervisors will be assigned to review the recording for further evaluation to identify opportunities for improvements, new products, or features.
  • Sales – Sales managers can search negative and positive conversations to identify best practices and coaching opportunities.
  • Marketing – Marketing can look at positive conversations to identify customers who could give a good review or testimonial.


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