Preserve, Search and Retrieve UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT Communications

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An Essential Service
for Business Communications

Securely capture your organization’s UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT calls, chats and SMS conversations, and ensure the information is easy to find whenever it's needed.

Automatic Data Capture

Capture and retain calls, chats, and SMS to help ensure your communications are preserved in one place.

Find What You Need

Powerful contextual search to quickly find CONNECT conversations when you need them.

Support Compliance

Facilitates compliance with internal governance and regulatory requirements for retention, retrieval, and security.

Secure Archive

Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and multi-factor authentication protects data from access by unauthorized users.

Find Information
When You Need It

Automatically preserve, search, and retrieve your critical business communications.

  • Automated data capture - UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE automatically captures chat, SMS, and voice data without administrative or user action (after the initial activation).
  • Powerful contextual search - Indexes both content and metadata so users can access millions of files and refine searches using dozens of properties for results in seconds.
  • Seamless integration - Designed for CONNECT, UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE deploys in minutes with everything needed to enable compliant retention for CONNECT communications.
  • Unlimited capacity * - Administrators are not forced to estimate the level of activity for their organization or project storage requirements.

*Subject to the Fair Use limitations set forth in the NEC UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE Product Schedule available at https://univerge.blue/legal/

Compliance and Security Capabilities

Lower the burden on your operations, compliance, and legal teams by enabling fast, powerful search and retrieval.

  • Regulations and compliance - Supports HIPAA, FINRA and MiFID II compliance programs, with optional WORM tamper-proof media storage to comply with SEC Rule 17a-4.
  • Data residency - UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE addresses data residency requirements, supporting flexible deployments with data centers in US, Canadian and European locations.
  • Retention period - Choose to store data for as long as your business case requires with retention options of up to ten years.
  • Security - Data is uploaded securely and encrypted in transit and at rest with multi-factor authentication to protect access and limit export to authorized users.

Tap into business information that’s been
shared via calls, chats or SMS

Are you challenged with finding information from past digital conversations quickly? Do you operate in a regulated industry? Do you wish you had a more complete record of business interactions? Watch the video to learn how NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE helps you find critical business information when you need it.

UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE Guided Interactive Demos

Experience for yourself the capabilities of NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE  through these two Guided Interactive Demos!

ARCHIVE Solution Tour ARCHIVE Business Use Case


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Automatically preserve, protect, and retrieve your critical business communications

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An essential service for business communications

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Easy to Deploy

Add UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE to your CONNECT service with just a few clicks in the UNIVERGE BLUE CONTROL PANEL.

Easy to Integrate

Tight integration with CONNECT ensures data is captured and stored with full integrity.

Easy to Use

Quickly search archived calls, chats, and SMS by sender, recipient, attachment type, etc. for easy retrieval.

Easy to Comply

Supports compliance with FINRA, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations.

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