Presence Features

UNIVERGE BLUE Presence Features

Rich Presence

Remove location barriers. Across the room or across the country; know who’s available, check team calendars, and stay connected with real-time status updates. UNIVERGE BLUE keeps you in touch without being in the same office.

Presence Features Available:

  • Rich Presence

    No need to call or email to see who’s available when team members are mobile or in different locations. Presence allows you to check a list of contacts and see their real time status.

  • Schedule-Based Presence and Availability

    Quickly set rules to route calls directly to your preferred device regardless of your location; the home office, in the car or anywhere on the road. Stay connected on the go with real time status updates.

  • Microsoft® Office Outlook® Integration

    Access a user’s Outlook calendar to check their availability for a meeting or event without leaving your unified communications platform.

  • As new features are developed, they can be easily added to your service via the cloud with no downtime and no interruption to your operations.

    UNIVERGE BLUE, Your Communications Partner

    With the incredible rate of technology change, capital investments in communications infrastructure is a significant risk. UNIVERGE BLUE takes the burden of developing, maintaining and securing your communications infrastructure to the cloud, allowing you to focus on your core business.

    Cloud Security & Support

    UNIVERGE BLUE lives in the cloud; a multi-tenant, enterprise-grade communications solution that highlights scale, resiliency and interoperability, protected by the latest security technologies.

    • 24/7 support and system monitoring
    • Cutting-edge encryption and security protocols
    • Enterprise-class physical security at all data centers
    • Disaster proof: mirrored backups at multiple data centers

    Current information is always at your fingertips. Connect and empower your people. Stay focused on your business. We’ll handle your communications infrastructure.


    Built by NEC

    Backed by 100+ years of experience, innovation and infrastructure investment. NEC is a trusted, global leader in communications technology.