UNIVERGE BLUE® Extend Productivity Integrations

Embed UNIVERGE BLUE into everyday business applications across various teams to streamline workflows and maximize employee efficiency.


  • Increase Productivity
  • Streamline Workflows
  • Easy to Use

Key features

  • Click-to-call co-workers and external contacts from Outlook contact list, emails, and calendar events.
  • View the presence (available, offline, busy, in a meeting) of Outlook contacts.
  • Click-to-chat with any co-worker from within Outlook contacts, emails, and calendar events.
  • Start virtual meetings with one click from your Outlook or Office 365 calendar. Meetings will include a meeting title, start and end time, attendee list, meeting agenda, and more=


  • Increase productivity: Embed UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT into everyday business applications to automate business workflows and maximize worker efficiency.
  • Streamline workflows: Save time from switching between applications, connect with co-workers quicker, and get more done.
  • Easy to use: The UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT Outlook integration is easy to use and easy to deploy, with no heavy training or implementation costs.

Get the App UNIVERGE BLUE Outlook Integration

Must have active UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT/UNIVERGE BLUE MEET account and Outlook application to use this integration.