UNIVERGE BLUE for Government

Cloud Communications for Federal, State, County and City Agencies

Cutting-edge, economical, cloud-based communications technology to manage distributed phone services across the country.

Quick deployment, reliability and world-class security make UNIVERGE BLUE a powerful unified communications solution for government agencies looking to focus on their core mission, while empowering workers and improving productivity.

UNIVERGE BLUE offers a unified communications solution that includes a complete system of Voice, Mobile, Messaging, Presence and Conferencing features.


UNIVERGE BLUE is cloud-based. Deploying UNIVERGE BLUE unified communications services takes a fraction of the time and cost of traditional communications systems.

Government agencies at every level all too frequently face the challenges of multiple locations, outdated communications systems, and disparate infrastructure.

With UNIVERGE BLUE, communications are deployed, maintained and secured in the cloud. Desktop phones, computers and mobile devices are connected by a single, unified, easy-to-use service. As new technologies emerge, they can be quickly added to the agency’s cloud-based communications system.


Maximum uptime, minimum disruption.

High reliability is mission critical for UNIVERGE BLUE. Software updates and maintenance are done in the cloud, keeping communications up and running with no downtime.

Government agencies simply cannot risk vital communications infrastructure with a start-up. UNIVERGE BLUE is the product of 100 years of experience, innovation, and the expertise of a communications technology leader trusted by governments, businesses and international organizations around the world.


UNIVERGE BLUE data centers are instantly backed up and mirrored in multiple locations to ensure a disaster-proof backbone for vital communications. Compliance regulations, 24/7 system monitoring, the latest encryption, security protocols and updates are all handled by UNIVERGE BLUE in the cloud without disrupting operations.

UNIVERGE BLUE Unified Communications in the Cloud

With the incredible rate of change in technology, capital investment in communications infrastructure is a significant risk. UNIVERGE BLUE takes the burden of deploying, maintaining and securing communications infrastructure, freeing agencies to focus on their core mission.

Built by NEC

Backed by 100+ years of experience, innovation and infrastructure investment. NEC is a trusted, global leader in communications technology.