UNIVERGE BLUE® Extend Productivity Integrations

Embed UNIVERGE BLUE into everyday business applications across various teams to streamline workflows and maximize employee efficiency.

UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT for Microsoft 365®

  • Increase Productivity
  • Streamline Workflows
  • Easy to Use

Key features

  • Schedule meetings: Quickly and easily add UNIVERGE BLUE MEET virtual meeting details to any new or existing calendar event.
  • Start meetings: Click to start virtual meetings from Outlook® or Microsoft 365 calendars. Meetings will include a meeting title, start and end time, attendee list, meeting agenda, and more.


  • Increase productivity: Seamlessly transition from a calendar event in Microsoft 365 to MEET where you can talk face-to-face, share your screen, and collaborate better together.
  • Streamline workflows: Save time from switching between applications, connect with co-workers quicker, and get more done.
  • Easy to use: The UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT for Microsoft 365 plug-in is easy to use and easy to deploy, with no heavy training or implementation costs.

Admin Guide Outlook Add-in End-user Guide Outlook Add-in

Must have active UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT/UNIVERGE BLUE MEET and Microsoft 365 accounts to use this integration.