Why Cloud Now?

It’s Time to Move Your Business Communications into the Cloud

UCaaS: Unified Communications as a Service

“There are two times when it makes more sense to go with UCaaS than a premise-based UC anchor: always and now.”

Dave Michels, Unified Communications Strategies

UCaaS is an all-in-one solution, a single payment service that includes voice, messaging, mobile features, conferencing, collaboration, and a wealth of other communication services. Easily add new features and applications as they become available without substantial investment costs.

Top 4 Benefits of UCaaS: Software-based Communications in the Cloud

  • 1. Lower Costs: Changes in communications are happening at an unprecedented rate. It simply makes no sense to invest in an on-premises communications system that could be obsolete within 12 months of installation. With UCaaS, the provider shoulders the burden of maintaining and upgrading your communications technology infrastructure.
  • 2. Flexibility: Fast provisioning of new applications and features gives you a level of agility in your communications system previously unheard of.
  • 3. OPEX versus CAPEX: UCaaS is a service, not an investment in hardware. You choose a solution to fit your business needs and only pay for what you use, making communications an Operating Expense (OPEX) rather than a traditional Capital Expense (CAPEX).
  • 4. Reduce Demands on In-House IT Staff: Keep your IT staff’s focus and energy on your core business.

Unified Communications in the Cloud

“Don’t do private cloud if public cloud meets your needs. Public cloud services are improving rapidly. Many organizations are finding that public cloud offerings now meet their compliance, security and service-level needs. It is better to invest in effective usage and governance of public cloud services than investing in duplicating a public cloud architecture on-premises – especially when the public cloud providers are investing far more in innovation and continually lowering costs.”

Internal Private Cloud Is Not for Most Mainstream Enterprises
Gartner, 22 May, 2015

Move to the Cloud

UNIVERGE BLUE is an enterprise-grade UCaaS solution, customized for your business needs and backed by NEC, a trusted leader in global communications technology.

UNIVERGE BLUE is built on a resilient, solid foundation – from the application layer to the platform and infrastructure layers – and delivers a complete end-to-end robust business cloud solution.

Whether you have one location or one hundred, UNIVERGE BLUE will keep you connected.

  • Select your features.

  • Connect your people.

  • Grow your business.

Built by NEC

Backed by 100+ years of experience, innovation and infrastructure investment. NEC is a trusted, global leader in communications technology.