Channel Partner Success Story MDCOM Technology Solutions for Business

"NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE has been our easiest adoption of any new program, product, or solution by far"

Channel Partner Success Story MDCOM Technology Solutions for Business

Company Overview

MDCOM was incorporated in 1979 and currently employs staff with over two centuries of experience in business communications and technologies. The original founders imparted a legacy of "Customer First" responsiveness which has been carefully cultivated to this day.

MDCOM has a long and rich history of offering NEC’s on-premises communications platforms and systems including NEC’s UNIVERGE® SV9000 and the SL2100 Communications Systems.

Eric Lutz, President and CEO of MDCOM, knew that he needed to offer customers a competitive and reliable Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center (CCaaS) solution that was also easy for his company to sell, provision, manage, and support. However, finding one proved to be more complicated.

The Challenge

MDCOM had previously offered hosted telephony to their customers but realized that there were some significant disadvantages to the vendor they chose. Eric described, “The problem that we ran into is that there was way too much heavy lifting based off our infrastructure. We also noticed that we were gaining customers very easily, but we would lose those customers just as easily”. MDCOM wanted to own more of the customer relationship and maintain a strong and close bond with customers, like the way they do with their hardware customers. They wanted to do so without being overwhelmed with backend IT management and implementations.

As a long-standing NEC Channel Partner, the decision to be an early adopter of the New Generation UNIVERGE BLUE was an easy one. Eric explained, “Based on the level of attention we have received over the years and the success our business has seen from selling NEC hardware solutions, expanding our relationship with NEC was an easy decision – so we adopted UNIVERGE BLUE as soon as it was released”.

The UNIVERGE BLUE launch has been the best rollout that I have been a part of as an NEC partner for well over 10 years now. NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE has been our easiest adoption of any new program, product, or solution by far.

Eric Lutz,
President of MDCOM

The Solution

NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE Customer Ownership Partner Model was unique in allowing MDCOM to maintain full ownership of billing, bundling, adding services, and supporting a customer’s environment -- preserving the customer confidence upon which MDCOM has built its reputation.

MDCOM decided to offer their current customer base cloud-based communications in addition to NEC’s on-premises communications and looked to NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE Partner Program to do so.

Eric Lutz explained what keeps MDCOM loyal to NEC: “Finding a vendor that runs a profitable cloud business with its own distribution and technology platform is rare. NEC UNIVERGE BLUE has created the whole package and is in a perfect spot to take advantage of this cloud shift, and I know that NEC will be here for us in the long run”. Eric shared the top five reasons why MDCOM sells UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT (UCaaS) and ENGAGE (CCaaS):

  • The Ability to Choose a Revenue Model:

    “As you know it doesn’t matter if you are selling hardware, software, or services, the technology industry is competitive, so you really have to be aware of your market and your price points. We’re able to adjust our price points based on the market demands with the Revenue Share Model. I think that is number 1 in terms of advantages,” Eric explained. By being able to adjust the margin on the monthly revenue, UNIVERGE BLUE has provided MDCOM’s sellers with more attractive margins and better commissions. “NEC understands that partners serve different types of customers, and with the program flexibility they offer, there’s no need to go anywhere else”.

  • Easily Integrated into all Business Environments:

    Trying to integrate hardware into customer environments has become increasingly more complex and challenging. According to Eric, “When you talk about IP Communications and networking multiple systems, there is a great deal of complexity which forces you to continually upgrade your technician skills- but as much as you do- you are always turning the corner to a new issue”.

    Eric went on to explain the need to offer customers a cloud-based communications solution that was easy to use with robust feature capabilities, and one that was could be seamlessly implemented into their environments. Eric expressed, “[UNIVERGE BLUE] CLOUD has been a breath of fresh air from the technical and implementation perspective. We can control the users, passwords, automated attendants, time zones, and call recording. We log in from anywhere and we have insight into every single customer and user device, and we can make changes or add services for a customer at any time”.

  • A Better Bond with Customers:

    Eric compared the relationship that he now has with his UNIVERGE BLUE customers to the relationship that he has with his hardware customers. When you provide hardware to a customer, you are with them for a very long time due to the long lifespan of on-premises systems, NEC’s in particular. With UNIVERGE BLUE, MDCOM was able to maintain a strong bond with their customers, like the bond they have as a hardware provider. Being able to provide the first line of support and continue to manage the relationship with the customer has created a “stickier” long-term relationship with customers, according to Eric.

  • Feature Capabilities and Easy Implementation:

    Another aspect of UNIVERGE BLUE that has benefitted MDCOM and its customers is the ease of implementation when it comes to feature enhancements. With on-premises hardware, if a customer wanted to add a feature or update endpoints, the process could be highly labor-intensive and expensive. With cloud services, Eric can simply go into the UNIVERGE BLUE management portal to add any specific feature to every endpoint in a customer location as well as scale up or down as needed. “That type of feature invigoration has really been a huge plus. The deployment could not have been simpler,” Eric said.

  • Quick and Painless Quoting:

    With the BLUE quoting tool, the ability to provide a customer with a very professional-looking proposal with accurate pricing is seamless according to Eric. Adding one-time services and/or monthly services is as easy as a click of a button. Once you create and confirm the quote, the tool will automatically send your customer proposal via e-doc, the customer signs the doc, which then allows the sales rep to immediately create and provision the account. “It’s just been one of the most seamless deployments that we’ve been able to be a part of,” according to Eric.

The Results

NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES has allowed MDCOM to improve their revenue stream, expand their solution offerings into customer accounts while maintaining good relationships with their customers. “People know that NEC offers the most reliable and secure communications and IT solutions, they trust the name brand, and they trust that they will be taken care of with NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES. When I walk into a customer account that has used NEC in the past, they are excited to have a conversation about NEC”.

MDCOM will continue to sell UNVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES while owning their customer relationship in addition to offering NEC’s on-premises portfolio as they adjust to a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) model with cloud.

Products MDCOM offers:

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