Winning Interactions With Shopper & In-store Retail Solutions

UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES for Retail delivers cloud-based solutions that elevate brick-and-mortar in-store, on-line retailer and call center experiences with responsive and attentive service that lead to increased satisfaction and favorable customer impressions.

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Winning Interactions With Shopper & In-store Retail Solutions

Everything as a Service for Retail

Whether the selling environment is a specialty retailer, web-based retailer, convenience store or quick service restaurant, UNIVERGE BLUE cloud solutions are designed to boost in-store performance, reduce operating costs and enable quick service at single and multi-site locations. With UNIVERGE BLUE, retailers gain access to a wide variety of cloud-based services from a single and reliable technology partner, making scaling and maintaining essential infrastructure faster, less complex, more intuitive and cost efficient.


Centralized Operations

Managing and maintaining support apps at the store level becomes unnecessary, freeing time for increased focus on customer care and working to achieve sales projections.

Real-time data

Mobile devices and apps allows sale associates to access real-time data, colleagues, headquarters or even other branches without having to leave the consumer or the sales floor.

Customizable services

Support services can be quickly customized and scaled to meet specific in-store, call center or promotional demands with intuitive interfaces that require minimal training to master.

On-demand reports

The ability to deliver on-demand reports allows for local-based analysis and decision making to optimize sales strategies on a per-market or per-store basis.

UNIVERGE BLUE Cloud Solutions
The New Era Of Customer Services & Convenience

Can Drive Customer Loyalty & Shopper Satisfaction

Team Collaboration

Voice, web and video conferencing that build brand consensus and engagement Explore

Voice, Presence & UC

Integrated communications for highly responsive and customer focused sales associates Explore

Data Recovery

Data archiving, management and recovery for protection and accessibility of inventory and store-related data Explore


Flexible whenever, wherever communications for dynamic and adaptive in-store support Explore

Contact Center

Agent, attendant and caller management and supervision for an exceptional retail customer experience Explore


Safeguards against threats and failures for operational control and loss prevention Explore

Integrated Communications

Integration of voice, chat, video conferencing and contact center functionality into standard enterprise applications for streamlined organizational accessibility Explore

Customized Conferencing

Schedule, host, record, annotate and transcribe video conferences with up to 200 attendees for high-quality collaboration with stakeholders Explore

File Sync & Share

Individual file backup, storage, antivirus, sharing and synchronization for targeted information handling Explore

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