Service Adoptation Dashboard

Ensure that you are getting the greatest value out of your cloud communication solutions with the CONNECT Service Adoption Dashboard. Identify and reveal insights on how much your users are utilizing CONNECT services such as Voice, Chat, MEET Video Conferencing, and Desktop/Mobile Apps.

The adoption of services is broken down into three user segments:

  • Enabled User: A user who has access to the services, but has not done so yet
  • Activated User: A user who has used a service or the desktop/mobile apps at least once
  • Active User: A user who has used the service at least once in the last 30 days

The CONNECT Service Adoption Dashboard provides high-level views of the activation and active usage rate of CONNECT services to help businesses identify opportunities to gain more value and productivity from their powerful communications services.

  • Insights this dashboard provides include:
  • Exploring usage and adoption rate trends
  • Activation rate over a certain period
  • Adoption rate over a certain period
  • Active rate over a certain period

Make sure your business has a dashboard to monitor at-a-glance insights to act on trends to improve the decision-making process on the correct CONNECT communications services.



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