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A Century of Innovation

Business Cloud Services

Here yesterday. Here today. Here tomorrow.

A century of sustained innovation.

A trusted leader in communications technology around the globe.

100+ Years Building Communications Infrastructure

100+ years of creative technical innovation and investment in communications has delivered an unparalleled level of quality and capacity.

  • NEC was founded in 1899
  • 50 years of business in North America
  • Operations in 140 countries and territories worldwide
  • Named to the Global 100 – Most Sustainable Corporations in the World

UNIVERGE BLUE is the culmination of decades of research and a century of business experience to meet your communications needs in the cloud.

Connection Without Restriction

UNIVERGE BLUE offers businesses secure access to the right information at the right time without needing IT expertise. UNIVERGE BLUE is built on the idea that people should be able to talk, see, share and connect anytime, anywhere in the world; that all technology, communications and computers, should be integrated, reliable, secure and easy to use.

A Dependable Technology Partner

UNIVERGE BLUE is a unified cloud communications system that works around the clock.

  • 24/7 support
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Superior data centers

It’s a fact, the sun never sets on UNIVERGE BLUE.

Built by NEC

Backed by 100+ years of experience, innovation and infrastructure investment. NEC is a trusted, global leader in communications technology.