UNIVERGE BLUE for Hospitality

Cloud Communications for the Hospitality Industry

Connect your staff, your guests, your world.

The hospitality industry accommodates business travelers and vacationers: a diverse clientele with diverse needs. Inspiring brand loyalty requires a high-quality overall guest experience. Communications failures should never be a risk to customer satisfaction.

UNIVERGE BLUE provides a powerful cloud-based communications system: Voice, Mobile, Messaging, Presence, and Conferencing. Easily deployed, the system features are seamlessly integrated, using the same intuitive user interface throughout.

Real-Time Service

Customized for the industry, UNIVERGE BLUE SMART Hospitality connects every member of the staff, from concierge to house cleaning, putting them instantly in touch, whether from the front desk or the penthouse suite.

  • In-touch mobile staff
  • ACD queuing for reservations, guest services, dining, etc.
  • Integration of guest directory, messaging, wake-up calls, room status, and more
  • Customized automated attendant greetings based on location, time of day, or special events

Integration with Property Management Systems

UNIVERGE BLUE SMART Hospitality provides easy integration with major Property Management Systems (PMS), connecting front and back office applications in a single hotel or across multiple properties.

Empowering SMART Hospitality

Delivery options for UNIVERGE BLUE SMART Hospitality services includes private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid solutions. A hybrid solution allows you to integrate existing infrastructure with new cloud-based features, enhancing your IT infrastructure with cost-efficiency and agility.

Customized for SMART Hospitality, UNIVERGE BLUE adds a wealth of features to its comprehensive unified communications suite:

Guest Services
  • Guest Communications
  • Voicemail & Wake Up
  • Operator & Guest Reservations
  • Wireless
Staff Services & Infrastructure
  • Communication-Enabled Business Process (CEBP)
  • Interactions 2.0
  • Staff Mobility
  • Open PMS Connectivity
  • IT & Communications Infrastructure
  • Virtualization & Hosted Delivery

A SMART Hospitality Communications Solution in the Cloud

UNIVERGE BLUE is the ultimate communications concierge for the hospitality industry. By merging leading IT and Communication network technologies, NEC deploys solutions with the scalability, capability and affordability to meet the demanding business needs of hotels, event centers, cruise lines and travel organizations.

Learn more about SMART Hospitality from NEC – the Right Solution for the Right Hotel.

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