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  • Who can use UNIVERGE BLUE MONITOR Cloud?

    UNIVERGE BLUE MONITOR Cloud is used by multiple industries and verticals. We have deployments in Medical, Financial, Construction and Educational environments

  • What is Mobile Streaming?Coming soon

    Mobile Streaming turns you Cell Phone or Tablet in to a security camera. When the iOS or Android Application is open, you can stream your devices camera video to your UNIVERGE BLUE MONITOR Cloud Account.

  • What is Mobile Streaming Used for?

    Mobile Streaming is Security on demand. When you have Security Guards, facilities, educators, or other team members that need to capture images where typical Security cameras are not located. Mobile Streaming is also used as a temporary Security solution to capture video where cameras can not be located or infrastructure is not in place (like construction sites).

  • Do you support other cameras?

    UNIVERGE BLUE MONITOR supports AXIS, Grandstream and Vivotek cameras - refer to the Documentation section for a up to date list of supported cameras

  • How do I connect other cameras?

    Yes – we support connection from camera manufactures that support ONVIF. You can check the ONVIF homepage to see if your camera is compliant https://www.onvif.org/conformant-products/

  • Can I use my old phone?

    We support multiple verision of iOS and Android. Keep in mind that Video Streaming consumes power at a high rate so older batteries will not be sufficient.

  • Can you archive video

    Yes - you can create video clips from Recorded Events or recorded history. You can set the duration of each video clip that will be permanently stored in your Archive Folder. you will have the ability to set the duration of each clip, share the clip via URL or download as an MP4 file for local storage.

  • Network Setup

    No Port Forwarding , local server or firewall settings are required when using one of the supported cameras listed on the camera support page . If your camera is not listed on the Supported Cameras page, we can also connect most ONViF cameras to your cloud account using our BLUE Server. The BLUE Server will allow for a secure connection to your cloud account without Port Forwarding or Network Setup.

  • Video File Download

    You can download MP4 video files from your Archive Page for local storage. You can also share your video files by a unique generated URL that can be viewed with a web browser.

  • Bandwidth

    Internet bandwidth consumed by the transmission of video to the cloud is variable. You can assume that 2mbps of bandwidth per camera on average.

  • Camera Status

    Each Camera in your Cloud Dashboard will show an status indication. There will be a blue icon that will illustrate if the camera is online and if it is recording. Partner Portal will also show this status indication.

  • VPN Access

    When using our Supported Cameras we create a secure SSL connection from the camera to your cloud account. VPN connection is not required. If you are using a non supported ONViF camera to connect to your cloud account and would like a secure VPN connection to your account , contact us and we can help set one up. You can also use BLUE Server to create a secure connection for your Cameras.

  • Video Encryption

    Using our Supported Video Cameras we support a secure and encrypted video from the Cameras to the Cloud to your viewing device.

  • Video Playback

    You can manage your Recorded or Real-Time Video right from you Web Dashboard or iOS/Android applications. Our imbedded video player will allow video playback in multiple formats (WebRTC, RTMPS,HTTPS), PTZ controls, Audio (if supported by your camera), create video clips and search your recorded video history. You can also create a unique URL to share video clips or download and playback on your local video player.

  • System Updates

    All platform updates will be managed in the Cloud and all new system features will be automatically associated to user account. Application updates will be pushed to client devices by standard iOS and Google Play policies.

Trust & Security

  • Is the Video Secure?

    Yes - all video from the camera to the cloud is secure and encrypted

  • Are my Video Files stored in a secure manner?

    All video in the Cloud and transmitted video is encrypted.

  • Are my Mobile Streaming Videos Secure?

    Mobile Streaming will encrypt your video from your Cell Phone to the cloud for storage. Only the Account Owner will have access to your videos.

  • Mobile Steaming?

    In a business environment personal privacy is important. For Legal or Privacy issues you would not want to post or stream business related video on the internet or social media. We take this into account and secure all your Mobile Streaming videos keeping your sensitive business video secure in your account.


  • Can I have different packages for each camera?

    Yes - you have to assign each camera a different package. We have many customers that have more critical areas that they will assign longer recording day packages - like entrances or secured locations

  • Can I do a custom package?

    We can support unique request for longer term packages and other request. Let us know if you have a unique need and we will see if we can help


FAQ regarding payments is being updated.

Other questions


    Retail Outlets & Franchise Locations, Banking & Finance, Corporate Warehouse, Cafe's Restaurants or Bars, Hotel & Residential Buildings,Schools and Campus, Constructions Sites

  • Any Network Setup?

    No Network Setup
    Autonomy from IT Management
    NO Port Forwarding
    Encrypted Camera to Device
    DHCP Required

  • Tell Me about UNIVERGE BLUE MONITOR Cameras?

    Cameras are fully functional IP cameras capable of interacting directly with the company’s IT networking rules. They represent the simplest and most reliable way to enhance any location with video Security. We support AXIS, Grandstream and Vivotek

  • Standard Features

    Install as many cameras as you like
    Access Live and Archive Video
    View from any Device
    Setup Hybrid Storage
    Encrypted – SSL Secure
    Real-Time Notifications

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