Add Sub-Users to your main BLUE MONITOR account.

What is a Sub-User

Grant access to your BLUE Monitor account. They will have limited functionality and unique login credentials.


  1. Each Sub-User will recieve a Email Invite to create their account password
  2. The Admin Account Manager (origional acccount that was Setup in BLUE MONITOR) will setup and Invite a Sub-User to have access to their BLUE MONITOR account.
  3. Admin will attached only cameras that they would like the Sub-User to have access to.
  4. Sub-Users can not delete Cameras, Video Clips in the Archive or Camera Events

Add a Sub-User

  1. Admin will need to purchase Sub-User accounts. One account for each User to be added to the main account
  2. Select – the Services Tab
  3. Select – Sub-Userssubusers
  4. Add the quantity of Sub-Users that you would like to add to your account.subusersceckout
  5. Proceed to Checkout

Setup Sub-Users


  1. To add a Sub-User you will need to have availible Sub-User Client. You can verify this in the sub-window that will show the status of how many sub users are used out of your total clients. If you do not have any sub users available your will need to add more clients
  2. Select the Add button to assign an availible client to a User Email.
  3. After entering the email address of the user that you would like to invite to the BLUE MONITOR platform an email will be sent asking for them to setup their user password.

Camera Management


  1. Select the Sub-User Tab on the left menu column
  2. After you have created a Sub-User you can select what cameras from the main account that you would like them to have access to. Your Sub-User will only be able to view cameras that have been shared with their account.
  3. To add a camera select the camera icon next to the Sub-User’s email address.
  4. Check the cameras that you would like to be visible to this Sub-User Account.
  5. Sub-User can now use their email address and the password they created to login to the Web or iOS/Android applications to view their cameras

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