Manual Camera Setup

Add Camera - User Dashboard

**This is to add a Camera by the Manual Method in the Customer Dashboard

**To add a camera via Camera Finder Application See the Cloud Documentation for Camera Setup Plug-n-Play

** This is for ONVIF Cameras. Check to see if your camera supports ONVIF here



From the User/Customer Dashboard Select Add Camera

Add Camera - Camera Information


Add Camera Information

  • Camera Name – (Example) use the location of where the camera is installed (Front Door)
  • Location – This Field is to Organize cameras into groups on the user Dashboard Directory List web interface.
    • Example: Add a name like “Warehouse” to all cameras that are in the warehouse
  • Type – Indicated the camera connection type
    • ONViF Camera – Generic or 3rd Party IP Camera ( you will need to setup Port Forwarding in your Network)
      • IP Address or Domain Name – This will be WAN (External IP Address of your Router or Firewall). If you dont know your external IP Address: Google “What is my ip” when your PC is connected to your local networkipaddress
      • HTTP Port – HTTP Port that your setup in your Router to forward to your Camera IP Address
      • RTSP Port – RTSP Port that your setup in your Router to forward to your Camera IP Address
      • Username – Camera User Name
      • Password -Camera Password
      • Timezone – Your Local Time Zone
      • Example: My Camera’s IP Address is IN the Camera I set the HTTP Port to 8008 and the RTSP Port to 556. Verify that the ports that you set are not being used by any other device or application on your network. It is recommended to use Dynamic ports—Ports in the range 49152 to 65535 Below is an example of a Router Port Forwarding Table (to see how to port forward your router


    • Video URL

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