What is the Web Dashboard


The Web Dashboard is where you will

Login: Web Interface (https://nec.bluemonitor.net/ )

  • View Recordings
  • See Events
  • Share Videos
  • Playback Videos
  • Archive Important Video Clips
  • Shop Cameras
  • Add Monthly Services

2 Main Areas for UNIVERGE BLUE MONITOR Cloud

  • Dealer – Allows the Dealer to manage and troubleshoot their User Accounts
  • User – User Portal to view Camera Video

Dashboard Pages


You can View

  • Camera View – See all your cameras and watch LIVE View. You can also modify camera settings and see your Camera Organizational Directory
  • Profile / Logout
  • Events – See and sort your Motion and Audio Events of each Camera
  • Archive – Permanently store, share your Video Clips from the Cloud
  • *Services – Add monthly services to each of your cameras

Home Page


Home Page:

  • Navigate to All Pages
  • See your Camera Location Grouping
  • Logout of the Dashboard
  • Camera Thumbnails

Camera Thumbnails

From the Home “Camera” Page you will see Static Images of each camera. These images will update during login with a thumbnail of a current image from the camera.thumbnail

Play Icon

  • You can see LIVE Video by selecting the white Play icon in the Thumbnail image

Status Icon

  • The Status Icon (Next to the Camera Name) if Blue – the camera is online/recording

Gear Settings Menu

  • If you select the Gear Icon on the Toolbar – you will get a drop-down menu of further settings

Gear Settings Items:(Select the Gear Icon)thumbnail2

  • Edit – This will allow you to change the Name of the Camera
  • Services – This will navigate you to the Monthly Service Plans that you can attach or change on your camera (see Service Plans Topic)
  • Settings – This is where you will change your Video, Audio, and Motion Settings (see Camera Settings Topic)
  • Archive – This will create a new video clip to be permanently stored in your archive (see Archive Settings Topic)
  • Events – This will navigate your to the Events Page and sort events by this camera (see Camera Events Topic)
  • Delete – This will permanently delete the camera from the Cloud Account

Camera Settings Icon

Under the Camera Settings Icon there are 2 Tabs:


  • Max Bitrate – This sets the bandwidth used by the camera. By Default the optimal Bitrate is 2048 and we do not recommend changing
  • VBR – (Variable Bit Rate) Default is 0. Higher numbers will provide a better video contrast but reduce clarity
  • Frame Rate – Higher the Frame Rate the more images that will be streamed per second. More frames will increase bandwidth and can decrease image clarity
  • Resolution – pixels supported by the camera imager. Typically the higher the pixel count the more clarity

Motion Detectormotion

  • Enable – Turn ON if you want to Detect Motion Alerts
  • Set your Motion Detection area by Pressing and Holding the Left button on your mouse while dragging over the Image. The area in the Red Boxes will be the Motion Detection Area. Press Apply to save
  • Reset Motion Area – Pressing and Holding the Left button on your mouse while dragging over the Image previously set with the red boxes. Press Apply to Save

Edit Icon


Edit Camera Name and Directory

  • Name – Set a Name to your Camera
  • Location – This organizes cameras into groups or locations for easy reference
  • Type

Events Page


Events Page

  • Quick Reference to see all of your recorded Events
  • Events will only be stored for as long as your Monthly Service Package recording duration
  • Select a Camera in your directory location list to narrow down and sort your camera event results
  • Use the Search Bar to enter a Camera Name to view Events from that camera
  • Add a Filter to search events by Time and Datefilter
  • Scroll up/down to see Time and Dates of all Events on the Page
  • Archive Icon –
    • Select the Archive Icon to move the Event to your Permanent Archive
    • The Date and Duration of 1 minute will be set for the Video Clip. You can change the length of your clip by selecting and changing the parameters in the time window.


*Events will only be stored for as long as your Monthly Service Package recording duration. Move any Events to your Archive if you would like to Permanently store them.

Archive Page


Use your Archive Page to Permanently Store you Video Clips


  • The Archive can be used for permanent storage
  • These video Clips will only be deleted by the User
  • Retain Clips longer than your service plan
  • Select a Camera under your Location Groups to Short Clips by Camera
  • Download Clips to your local PC
  • archive3
  • 1 GB of Storage is provided Free
  • Add Additional storage when needed.
    • Monitor will show how much storage of your Storage Package has been used
    • Use the “Need More?” Icon to purchase additional storage
    • Additional Storage is available in: 10 GB, 100 GB, 500 GB & 1 TB sizesArchive4
  • View Clip Storage Size and Duration on the Blue Tab overlaid on the Image Thumbnail
  • Download Clips to your local PC or Network Drive
  • Select the Share Icon to generate a custom URL. Provide this link to outside parties to download the Video Clip.
  • You can select 30 Minutes, 1 Hour, or 12 Hours. The URL will expire after the time selected and outside parties will not longer be able to use the URL Linkshare2

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