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Experience the Future of Work – Today!

Traditional work options are limited to in-office experiences, remote video and chat engagements and the use of workplace productivity apps. UNIVERGE BLUE FACILITATE blends these together with real-time simulations to deliver work experiences that are consistent and engaging across physical and virtual work locations. So, come and experience the Future of Work – today.


  • Instant workgroups
  • Birdseye perspective
  • One-click interactions
  • 360-degree walk through
  • Contact-less check in with QR codes
  • Physical and virtual seat booking capability
  • SaaS-based desktop and mobile application
  • In-depth capacity metrics and productivity insights
  • Consistent work experience anywhere and everywhere
  • Progressive Web App – simple to widely deploy for mobile and desktop

Hybrid work

Go beyond providing employees with physical work location flexibility with UNIVERGE BLUE FACILITATE. Workers can virtually join colleagues in a physical workspace for real-time collaboration experiences that transcend both video meetings and traditional work management and digital workspace solutions.

Operational Transformation

Scale down/up real-estate consumption for better ROI. Optimizing the available desks, Support Staff, Energy Consumption. Tools to simplify day to day operations and save time.

Engage & Collaboration

Enhance interactions between employees. Reconnect employees together and improve productivity.

Productivity and wellness

Provide digital experience to build awareness. Provide visibility into spatial and network usage and behavior.


Build employee confidence to return to work with touch free and friction less workflows.


UNIVERGE BLUE FACLITATE offers a suite of AI-powered bots that enable fast, easy integration with most standard business productivity tools via open APIs custom rules and triggers can be created in the platform to drive insights and actions through these applications. This extends functionality and maximizes investment in these tools.


UNIVERGE BLUE FACLITATE can share Salesforce data in real-time to connected displays in multiple office locations, allowing you to maximize transparency and opportunities to collaborate with employees.


Connecting ServiceNow with UNIVERGE BLUE FACLITATE lets you share ticket status updates across connected displays in real-time to always keep employees informed on key metrics, including open and closed service calls, leaderboard stats and more.

Microsoft Teams

Access usable data on workplace operations such as density and footfall within the Teams application. Use push notifications to report service outages and other customer information, and even enable private ‘one-click’ contact tracing to ensure health and safety at all times.

Microsoft Teams

With UNIVERGE BLUE FACLITATE any room can be a Zoom room. Easily schedule and join Zoom meetings from connected displays in any location around your premises

Microsoft Teams

Spot and resolve challenges in real time. With UNIVERGE BLUE FACLITATE you can share Tableau Dashboards from Tableau Online and Tableau Server with any connected digital display, allowing data visualizations to speed problem resolution.

Microsoft Teams

Create and project real-time feeds from corporate social channels and hashtags including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Schedule your favorite YouTube videos or playlists to display on digital signage. Share news and updates across your organization, at events, in malls – or any geo-fenced space.

Security with
ultimate flexibility

We believe each and every customer should make the call about how to manage security and privacy, in accordance with the needs of its people and in compliance with the regulations that govern its operations. You can be as “open” or “closed” as you’d like with data about your constituents’ “digital twins.” We explicitly set up a configuration to only collect the data you need. You can make changes at any time, as evolving needs and regulations dictate. We guarantee that flexibility.

Secure hosting in the cloud

With UNIVERGE BLUE FACLITATE, data is stored on AWS robustly secure cloud hosting.

Data is kept only as long as you require

All data in UNIVERGE BLUE FACLITATE’s database has TTL set based on your requirements. Else, we standardly store frequently updating data for 30 days and aggregate historical accounts for 90 days. We can encrypt any data at rest.

Secure sign-in and API

UNIVERGE BLUE FACLITATE integrates with Okta, Microsoft Office 365 and virtually any standard SSO provider, supporting both OpenID Connect and SAML authentication.

SOC 2 And GDPR Compliant

UNIVERGE BLUE FACLITATE assures rigorous compliance with SOC 2 standards and GDPR requirements for data security, privacy, availability and integrity.

Principle of Least Privilege

All components of UNIVERGE BLUE FACLITATE  are configured to run using the minimum required privileges. In addition, the application itself has Role-Based Access Controls, which can allow Users only limited access.

Assured Data Availability

UNIVERGE BLUE FACLITATE maintains continuous uptime and data availability, with best practice recovery procedures in case of incident.



Advanced protection against malware, viruses, phishing, and hackers


24/7 support from live experts EVERY time you call


Built to help healthcare, legal services and financial firms stay compliant


Ready when you are, whether you’re in the office or working remotely


30+ integrated apps that are easy to add as your business grows

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